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Who is Alex Fleck?


Alex Fleck online marketing specialist Lewisburg PA


Alex Fleck is an online marketing consultant, coach and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the online marketing and training niche.


The agency he founded in late 2007, Zenith Online Marketing LLC, provides clients from a  wide variety of industries around the globe with website services and online marketing consultancy.


With the growth of Zenith came serious industry recognition – the agency now acts as a trusted outsource partner to marketing agencies around the world who contract Alex and Zenith to take care of the totality of their online marketing clients.


Born in Northern Ireland, and building a successful business there through the late 2000’s, Alex emigrated to the US with his wife and two young children in 2013 for a new adventure. That’s part of the beauty of online marketing; as Alex always says:


“I can work from anywhere in the world for anyone in the world – All I need is the internet, my computer and contact with my trusted team, who all work remotely. Results speak for themselves, clients recognize quality and we love working hard for our clients; there’s a mutual loyalty there when we work with people in the long-term and that’s what our business is built upon – relationships.”



Alex’s original online marketing training course,  “Total Website Blueprint” which showed entrepreneurs & businesses how to build & market their own websites to an agency standard in step-by-step blueprints was a huge success when launched in 2012. In 2018 the course was re-launched as “Total Online Blueprint” with all new training focusing on every important facet of online marketing and the course continues to be one of the leading online marketing courses on the planet.


Alex is a high-performance online marketing specialist that has developed a method of working online based on some great teachings of experts and mentors and added his own slant to refine the whole process further.


His understanding of and expertise in Psychology undoubtedly has had its’ part to play in this, but that doesn’t exclude you from the value in his coaching in any way whatsoever. All of his training is “no technical experience required, guaranteed”.




From Alex


I started out in the online world over a decade ago, with no experience whatsoever. I “had a dream” you could say, to offer entrepreneurs, much like myself, a complete service range so that they could achieve online/website success.


Through developing my own online agency, which consults with clients around the world, I gained unique experience in the online marketing industry; learning along the way what works, what doesn’t, streamlining processes, purchasing easier-to-use platforms and building a world-class knowledge of cutting-edge online marketing practices. In fact, I discovered a pretty unique approach which clients love because we bring them ideal solutions, and those who maybe don’t have the budget can still avail of by taking my training courses.


Through this experience I have been fortunate enough to be able to bring a systematic training program, Total Online Blueprint, which shows entrepreneurs how to build, populate, manage and market agency-quality websites. Through my training and private consultancy, clients can discover:


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  • How to Build Agency-Quality Websites w/ no technical experience or programmers.

  • How to generate tons of free and paid traffic for their sites

  • How to Search Engine Optimise their websites

  • Where to find world-class content without having to pull your hair out

  • How to Build email marketing lists & market to those lists

  • How to Use Social Media Effectively

  • … and a TON of Other Niche, High-Value Strategies



In fact, in my training I cover everything you need to know (and nothing surplus to requirements, vague, BS-ey or non essential) to propel your websites & online marketing to the next level either through private consultancy (starting at $5000) or through the new, latest incarnation of Total Online Blueprint training from a basic “101-level” training foundation (which will help all of you, regardless of experience) right through to niche techniques I’ve developed and tested to guarantee online success with your customers becoming valuable, long-term, loyal devotees & referrers.

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